When I attended Texas Tech, my foreign language choice was German. And my final project, after four semesters, was to remake an American movie scene in German.

I didn't even consider any other options: I wanted to do the opening scene of George Romero's classic, "Night of the Living Dead."

My friend and Lubbock native Marcos Morales, who went on to an amazing career in Austin, was kind enough to help me with my project. I say help, but he did the cinematography and the dubbing and did a beautiful job. Honestly, he did 90 percent of the work.

Mark Key, another Lubbock native who is now an Austin musician, is our zombie, and Ro Rodriguez, head makeup artist at Nightmare on 19th Street, did the makeup. The music is from The Dead See, an incredible Lubbock band featuring Mark Key, Marcos Morales, Neil Barrett and Josh Paul -- all incredible Lubbock musicians. I guess what I'm saying is that it pays to have talented friends when you have to make your final project.

I got a 100. Thanks again guys for helping me create something I love and am still proud of -- even though I'm sure the translation is as terrible as my acting.

Rest in peace, George Romero.

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