My nephews were so excited on Christmas Eve, begging and pleading to open just one present early. They knew that Grandma and Papa had come through and laid out $500 -$600 bucks on a PS4 or Xbox One.

Finally Christmas morning came and the ripping and tearing began. Sure enough Santa came through and the PS4 and Xbox One was under the tree. Each gaming system had one game and that was it. After 12 hours of straight play both of the games had been beaten on the new systems and we tried to play one of the other games for Xbox 360 and PS3 in the new systems and NO GO!

That's right nothing but new games will work on the new systems. For kiddos that have $1000's of dollars in other games this was more than a little disappointing. My Mom and Pops are not that gaming literate so it's not like the guys at Gamestop that sold the systems to them lied, but you can say that they were not forthcoming with the fact that all your other games will not work.

We decided to return the PS4 in order to get 4 of the new Xbox One games. Were we the only ones that felt a little burnt on these must have Christmas games?


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