CREDIT: Boleo - The Man without a Smartphone
CREDIT: Boleo - The Man without a Smartphone

So far, I still have my sanity. But it is only day 2 with the Nokia 3390 from 2000.

I will say that my life has been a little quieter, no email notifications, no Facebook notifications, etc. That is a major advantage for the Nokia 3390. Unless the phone rings or I get a text message then it is very, very quiet. So far, so good!

I had a couple of calls yesterday and the call quality, while not as good as my LG V20 with HD Voice, was still very good. No problems understanding anything that was said.

Texting; however, was a whole different story. If you have never texted on an older phone, you don’t know the pain. It took 3 + minutes to type out 15 words. This was not cool.

Now let’s see if I get through day 3 with my sanity intact!

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