Day 3 has come and gone, and so far, I haven’t gone completely nuts. Using a 2000-era Nokia 3390 as my daily driver hasn’t been too bad, but it hasn’t been great, either.

Phone calls themselves have been what you would expect: phone calls. No dropped calls, no choppy calls, just phone calls.

Text messages, on the other hand, have been difficult to say the least. I got a text from the host of the 5 O’Clock Bomboocha, Tommy the Hacker, and when I responded all the letters were in all caps and I didn’t know how to change it. He thought I was yelling at him. I had to show him the old phone and then he figured it out.


I have another day and a half to go with this thing before I return to the modern comfort of my LG v20 smartphone.

Let’s hope I make it!

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