I absolutely love Nightmare on 19th Street. I started acting at Nightmare the very first year, and have been involved with it ever since. I am a makeup artist out there now and it brings me incredible joy. Halloween is my most wonderful time of the year, and the people who work literally all year on Nightmare are my family.

Nightmare On 19th Street changes a lot each year, and 2017 is no exception. City of the Lost was retired to make way for Dead Doll Island. It's inspired by the real Isla de las Muñecas, which is possibly the coolest and scariest real locale in the world.

One haunt, however, has remained throughout the years. The flagship Blood Moon Manor has always been the first attraction. It has moved, morphed and grown (like any haunted manor should) over the years, but it will always be a part of Nightmare On 19th Street.

We went out the other night to capture just a few glimpses of what Blood Moon Manor looks like this year. Of course, to truly experience this haunted Victorian Manor, which has some very dark secrets, you must dare to enter it yourself.

Nightmare On 19th Street is located at 602 E. 19th Street near the Lonestar Events Center.

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