I'm a big coffee drinker and I have a lot of mugs.  Some of my mugs are promotional (a.k.a. I got them for free) and some I actually bought. So, I started wondering if there are any Lubbock-theme coffee mugs out there...the answer is yes!  And, they've been captured and booked for this article. If you gotten this far, you know this has nothing to do with the popular Mug Shot Monday article written by our very own Mikael Donovan.  We are talking coffee mugs people!  These five caught my eye...

1.  "Lubbock - It's Where My Story Begins"

attachment-Lubbock Mug 1

It's a classy black and gold mug that subtlety says "the Hub City is my city." Ohhh, that would be a good mug "The Hub City is My City," nobody steal that one.  Anyways, this Lubbock mug is available on on TEE PUBLIC - and it's on a T-shirt too.

2.  Lubbock Home Map Mug

attachment-lubbock map mug

If you really call Lubbock home, you might want this Lubbock map mug with the word "Home" on it.  With every sip, you are reminded of your favorite city.  This one is available on Zazzle.

3.  Lubbock Green Mug

attachment-green mug

The Lubbock Green mug is actually the cheapest mug available at just eight dollars! And, it is sold straight off the Visit Lubbock website.  It also comes with a precaution... "Warning: This mug contains endless refills and unforgettable memories from Lubbock, Texas!" Drink up!

4. "Screw It! I'm Off To Lubbock" Mug

attachment-si 2

If Lubbock is your sanctuary, this mug is for you!  If life has you frazzled and the Hub City is your getaway, "Screw It, I'm Off To Lubbock" should be the greatest mug of all-time in your house.  This mug is available through Etsy.

5. Lubbock Skyline Mug

attachment-lubbock skyline mug

The fanciest mug of the lot includes an amazing drawing of the Lubbock skyline by artist Michael Tompsett.  The Hub City is captured beautifully and covers the whole mug. This mug is available from Pixels.

There you go my first MUG SHOT FRIDAY! There will be more if I can find more mugs- Happy Weekend!

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