Oh Bush Face, you brighten everyone's day. Especially mine since you live so close to me and I get to see you all the time.

I love that your accessories and sometimes even the shape of your features change with the seasons and different holidays.

I love that I'm not the only one who feels the way I do about you:

My affections for Bush Face started in August of 2008 when I first became a Lubbock resident. What a weird thing, a bush that has a face? I love whoever created bush face and I love the smirk that covers my face everytime I pass him. I moved away from Lubbock for a brief two years only to return (I know, how typical). I was literally excited to see bush face when I came back. He somehow wiggled his way into my heart with his awkward smile that sometimes accidentally gets trimmed too larger or not smiley enough. Bush Face is a staple of Lubbock. He has some fans that call him shrub face, but either way he will always been there, rain or shine, to give you a quick cheer up as you pass him on Indiana and 58th. It is also super excited when he gets his pumpkin or Santa hat, it signifies that the Holidays have begun!

Mostly I love that you're always there, always smiling, always a charming part of the town I love.

Courtesy Robert Camarena
Courtesy Robert Camarena


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