Boleo and I are super excited for the Lubbock Tattoo Expo this weekend and we can't wait to see you there. As heavily tattooed people we wanted to give you some advice on picking out your tattoo:

In addition to picking good placement, good design, not getting the names of romantic interests and TIPPING YOUR ARTIST, I should also mention some other convention etiquette, just because I've been to a few conventions and I'm a grouchy old lady like that.

It's not polite to loiter at a booth that you have no intention of getting a tattoo from. It's especially rude to block a booth to talk to your friends or look at your phone, you could be keeping that artist from talking to an actual client. What is okay and what you should do is look through portfolios and drawings before you decide on an artist. A lot of them will have some really neat original designs already drawn up and ready to go (usually at a fantastic price). Remember drawing takes time so don't be surprised if they ask you for a drawing deposit while you wait in case you bail.

Negotiating is generally seen as pretty rude and low class, I understand wanting a bargain but you are more than likely already getting one. If you are going to comparison shop at least be low key and polite about it. I'd say compare quality and uniqueness before you compare price. Most times you get what you pay for.


Please ask before you take anyone's picture.  Lots of people go wanting their picture taken. I was very much that person in my early 20s and I got in a couple tattoo magazines (too bad I cant find the dang things), but many people are not cool with it or at least want to be warned to pose.


But the main thing is- have fun and above all else- TIP YOUR ARTIST!!



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