It may be a little ghoulish, but most of us have at least a little curiosity when it comes to an interesting murder case. Even if it might involve our friends and neighbors. Personally, I have a tangential connection to two of these cases.

Forensic Files has aired over 400 episodes, so it's only natural that Lubbock would be featured in 1 percent of them.

And, lucky for us, al four are available to watch in full on Youtube.

"Headquarters" - Hunters make a grisly find in a Texas canyon: a human skull.

"Seeing Red" - The body of a young mother was found in a suitcase in a Texas landfill.

"Shattered Dreams" - A car was found in a drainage ditch and the bodies of a man and woman were inside; both had been shot to death.

"The Killing Room" - Scott Dunn's case was filed as missing persons although large traces of blood and cover-up were clearly found in his bedroom.

And, as a bonus, here is "A Promise to Caroyln" -- a made-for-TV movie starring Delta Burke about Lubbock's very own Travis Ware and the oldest successfully prosecuted case in US History.

This blog, although a little superficial and silly, is dedicated to the memory of Roy Carper, a talented prosecutor and a wonderful human and dad. 

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