Friday the 13th is an unofficial tattoo holiday, and many local shops over the years have celebrated by offering small, flash tattoos of the number 13 or other spooky stuff for $13 (plus a $7 mandatory good luck tip).

Not every Lubbock tattoo shop does it every year, as it's always a labor of love -- long hours of grueling tattooing with minimal breaks. And $20 barely covers the supplies involved, so if you do decide to get a 13 tattoo on Friday, remember these things:

  1. No, you can't get a revision, your own design, or anything other than the designated flash. Don't even ask. You *might* get to pick your colors. Maybe.
  2. Be patient. The lines will more than likely be long. Your artist deserves breaks.
  3. Know what you want and where you want it when it's your turn. You had all that time in line to think about it.
  4. Don't bring extra people that aren't getting tattooed. It's already crowded and no one needs your silly nonsense. A real ride or die would get tattooed with you anyway.
  5. You can always tip more. Karma will smile on your soul.

The shops I was able to confirm participating are Stay True Tattoo, Ghost Riders and Flamingo Ink.

Now, here are 13 of my friends' 13 tattoos. I have one too, but I haven't shaved my leg in weeks.

Tarzan Rehearsal Footage for Lubbock Moonlight Musicals


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