Lubbock is an ever-growing city that is constantly seeing new businesses establish themselves. From restaurants to boutiques, there is plenty of room in the Hub City for all of these great businesses.

One type of establishment that I think Lubbock is seriously missing out on is a food truck park.

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Lubbock is home to so many amazing food trucks that can be found all across the city. The only problem is that they are only ever in the parking lot of other businesses, or at special events. This means that you have to take the time to hunt down where the good trucks will be that day, and drive around town to wherever they are parked for a select few hours. Once you find them, you are left sitting on the curb or in your car to eat.

What if there was a place where you knew there would always be food trucks, there was seating to enjoy your meal, and there could even be special events with live music and other performers?

Well, this is actually relatively common in other Texas cities. Fredericksburg, Dallas, El Paso, and other cities have food truck parks that are quite popular. They all have some characteristics in common including a variety of trucks that meet there, plenty of picnic tables for customers, and some shade to sit under while you enjoy your meal.

There is so much land in Lubbock that this would be an easy thing to put together. Imagine getting your friends together for lunch, heading over to Lubbock’s new food truck park, getting food from your favorite trucks, and enjoying it all together. It would be a great time.

I also know I’m not the only one to feel this way, I’ve seen people recently talk about it on a Lubbock foodies Facebook group, and everyone agreed it would be great.

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