Not that fall has officially hit Lubbock and we are starting to feel a chill in the air, nothing sounds cozier than getting a hot cut of coco to enjoy with friends and family.

Although Texas fall weather isn’t super cold, that warm drink craving still hits and leaves you wondering where the best place to get something yummy is. Understanding this struggle, I looked into what places Lubbockites are loving the most when it comes to hot chocolate.

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Based on answers found on Facebook, Reddit, and through word of mouth, here are five places people in Lubbock love to get hot chocolate from:

5 of Lubbock Local's Favorite Places to Get Hot Chocolate

Gallery Credit: Emily Claire

If hot chocolate isn't your thing, maybe one of these coffee shops will be more up your alley:

6 Lubbock-Local Coffee Shops You Should Try

Here are six coffee shops in Lubbock where you can grab your morning latte.

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