While a classic pumpkin spice latte will always hit, there is something so cozy about winter seasonal drinks. The bright peppermint flavors, decedent dessert-themed options, and the spice of gingerbread, all make for the coziest experience.

I am more of a tea girl than a coffee girl, but something about a creamy holiday latte makes me so happy.

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Although I encourage people to go to the local coffee shops in their area, one of many people’s go-to spots has been, and will continue to be, Starbucks. They have a big variety of drinks, you can get some food at the same time, and their drive-thru is undeniably easy.

I came across a sneak peak of their holiday menu on TikTok, and I knew I had to share the love and let you know about them too. The list she shares is specifically the cold foams that will be available, but keep in mind that any flavor added to the cold foam can be used to flavor any drink.

The list is as follows:

  • Peppermint chocolate cream cold foam
  • Chestnut praline cream cold foam
  • Caramel brulee cream cold foam
  • Sugar cookie cream cold foam

I personally think I'll need to try the sugar cookie cream cold foam on a chair latte, but the chestnut praline is calling my name too.

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