We really sympathize with those who get a nasty splinter and just can't get it out. I know all about this being on the build crew with Nightmare on 19th Street.

But this time, it wasn't me. It was our Director of First Impressions and Lonestar 99.5 weekend DJ Ariel who suffered this horrible fate!

Somehow, she got a splinter in her foot sideways and tried to get it out with a pocket knife. As you can imagine, this did not go well. And, as you can guess, she cut her foot.

Then, it was off to student health on the Texas Tech campus.

Credit: Ariel Jee via Facebook
Credit: Ariel Jee via Facebook

So after a trip to the doctor, the splinter was out. Of course, friends and family gave her advice on all kinds of homemade remedies to get the thing out, but a doctor works best!

The only advice I can give is DO NOT try to remove a splinter with a pocket knife.

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