Lili is an energetic young lady who has had something happen that no child should ever have to go through.

The family tells the story:

On June 15, 2018 while Lili was getting ready for bed, she suddenly began screaming in pain, throwing up, seizing, went limp and unresponsive, and was struggling to breath on the way to the Lamesa ER. A CT scan showed multiple areas of brain bleeding that needed immediate and critical action.

Lili has what is known as AVM, or Arteriovenous Malformation.

From Rachel Strope:

A brain arteriovenous malformation (AVM) is a tangle of abnormal blood vessels connecting arteries and veins in the brain. The arteries are responsible for taking oxygen-rich blood from the heart to the brain. Veins carry the oxygen-depleted blood back to the lungs and heart. A brain AVM disrupts this vital process and can be life threatening. This was a birth defect Lili was born with; there were no signs and it could not have been prevented.

Lili has undergone three brain surgeries and is now on the road to recovery. But as most parents know, even with health insurance, events like this are not cheap, and some costs simply aren't covered.

The family has started a GoFundMe to help offset some of the expenses that insurance could not pay.

If you can help, please visit Lili's Recovery.

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