While it is okay to have your own beliefs and disagree with what someone else’s opinion is, there is such a thing as taking it too far.

No matter what your viewpoint is, I believe you have a right to a space that makes you feel safe and comfortable. Whether that is a church for religious folks or an LGBTQ-allied organization for queer people, you should be able to have somewhere that makes you feel safe.

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If you don’t agree with the views of a company, you don’t have to shop there. It is as simple as that.

You can boycott Bud Light for featuring a trans woman on their can, that’s your choice. You can avoid shopping at Christian-owned businesses like Hobby Lobby, that’s your choice. What is not okay is vandalizing that business because you disagree with them.

A local coffee shop has been the center of many people's love and hatred here in West Texas. Their progressive beliefs don’t sit right with many conservatives in Lubbock, Wolfforth, and surrounding areas. On the other end, they have provided a safe space for the LGBTQ+ community and those with liberal views.

Tumbleweed & Sage Coffeehouse announced that they will be closing and selling their business by the end of June. They are obviously devastated about the loss of their business and are keeping their doors open through June in order to continue supporting their community through Pride Month.

Even though the community knows they are closing, someone still took the time out of their Sunday to deface the coffee shop with graffiti. To me, that really feels like kicking someone when they're down.

The vandalism reads, “Say no to LGBTQ. Protect our Kids!!!”

For more information, including what the coffee shop has to say about the situation, check out their post about the vandalism on Facebook:

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