She did the legwork, crunched the numbers, and made the calls. Thanks to Sam Gaitan, we have a comprehensive list of the status of Halloween merch in Lubbock stores.

From Gaitan:

🎃🎃Here's my list of local stores and how much Halloween decor they have out at this time🖤🖤

This may be easiest to help everyone and yes, I have been to a lot of these stores just to check. Note, stores like HomeGoods/Ross/ Tuesday Morning/TJ Maxx will not restock the closer they get to October. HomeGoods will continuously get new product but not restock old product, Ross will get one or two shipments and that's it.

(and yes, I am obsessive)

EDIT: Also, Starbucks is suppose to have the spiky black tumblers, a spiderweb straw tumbler, spiderweb mug set, a set of Halloween reusable cups, and a straw tumblr with sketches in the Target Starbucks. Potentially all limited release.

via Sam Gaitan
via Sam Gaitan

Personally, I can't wait to get my mitts on the spiky black tumbler to fill full of spiky black coffee... if you know what I mean.

Sam Gaitan is also a talented artist with her own Halloween merch. Check out her spook-tacular designs at her Etsy store, Raicodoll.

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