Oops! Justin Bieber accidentally handed his MuchMusic Video Award, which he won for UR Fave Artist, to a fan. It wasn’t a gift to a Belieber, although she may have thought that was the case. Instead, it turns out that the hand off was a sheer accident. The award is pretty much a limited edition and special piece, so that was a big gaffe on the teen’s part.

Last weekend in Toronto, the ‘Boyfriend’ singer was walking off the stage when he was ambushed by Beliebers in the front row. He pump-faked with the award when a fan grabbed it. He didn’t pull back the award, thinking she was an official with Much Music, perhaps. He was probably a bit overwhelmed and basking in the excitement and euphoria of his win. It’s not like he would just give away something he worked so hard to earn.

You can see footage of the Biebs letting a fan touch his new trophy, only to have her take it, courtesy of TMZ.

Once the Biebs realized the error of his ways, he let the organizers of the show know. They tracked down the lucky (at least for a few minutes) Belieber and demanded that she return to trophy. Word is Biebs is trying to track the fan down to thank her for returning his property. If he does make contact with her, that would most certainly  take the sting off of getting and then having to give up a piece of Bieber history.

Watch Justin Bieber Give Fan MuchMusic Award

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