If you did not know the penalty for dating and having physical relations with a girl much younger than yourself is a spanking like no other. In most states I thought it was jail time but apparently in some places it is just a spanking.

We don't know where this happened, but there's a new video on YouTube of some guy who found out his underage daughter had been having sex with her adult boyfriend.

But instead of calling the cops, he went to the guy's house, made him lie face-down on the ground . and spanked his a**.

In the video, the dad's actually calm the whole time, and tells the guy that if he doesn't want to get spanked, his other option is to get a beatdown and go to jail! The boyfriend doesn't look like much of a fighter, so he opts for the spanking.  And the dad gets about 20 solid whacks in then the guy starts crying.

Because of the Backside Nudity and Foul language I did not want to post the video, but if your mature enough and old enough you can see the Spanking HERE.

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