Is the Zombie apocalypse a real fear in the minds of the population? Could it be that one day your BFF actually will try and eat your face or brains?

Imagine that you woke one morning and your whole family had become what you had seen in so many movies. A half-dead half-alive Zombie who's only mission in it's pathetic existence is to kill you and make you one of the gang. What would you do? Run or put up a fight and go down swinging?

I guess it comes down to the theory of "flight vs fight" that is in each of our subconscious. I  ain't tryin' to eat the brains of anything especially my dirty ass BFF Bootstrap!

A guy in Miami decided he would find out for himself just how scared people really are of the Zombie Apocalypse and almost gets shot while doing it. A little make-up, a really good piece of acting and a video camera gets some people running and some fighting.

Check this out:

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