The new unauthorized biography of Adele claims the singer struggled with a drinking problem during her first tour that was so bad it caused her to fall off a stool during a show. ‘Adele: The Biography’ also details her relationship issues with family members and significant others.

Writer Marc Shapiro gave In Touch Weekly a preview of the bio. While he claimed the story is “a classic rags to riches,” Shapiro didn’t shy away from discussing some of Adele’s personal demons. He described the concert where Adele fell down and said it was part of a period where she couldn’t stop drinking. He quoted the singer as recalling about one show, “I got so drunk by the time I went on at 2AM I had forgotten the words to my own songs… It was the worst thing ever.”

Shapiro also wrote that Adele’s father was an alcoholic who nearly drank himself to death. “Her relationship with her father is dead and gone,” he said. But Adele is still close to her mother.

The author added that Adele’s first close relationship was with a bisexual guy who cheated on her. “She loved the drama surrounding boys who treated her badly,” Shapiro said. He added that when her heart was broken, “Adele would drink more than normal to salve the heartbreak.”

Amazon lists the release date of the biography as July 17. The book will also contain less-sensational passages about her throat surgery, her musical influences growing up, and her experience at this year’s Grammy Awards, where she swept the field with six wins.

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