Here’s your regularly scheduled reminder to be cool out on the roads.

I log on to Twitter every day in search of content I believe folks will want to consume. And just about every other day, I come across a video of folks fighting.

And one thing I’ve learned in this business is that people love to watch other people fight. I mean, I would much rather watch someone get their ass kicked than get my ass kicked all day every day.

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Anyway, the latest clip featuring fisticuffs comes to us from the Dallas North Tollway.

Today’s entertainment begins with a man standing outside of another vehicle that’s stopped on the Tollway throwing blows through the driver’s side window.

The person inside of the vehicle tries their best to stave off the attack but to no avail. The guy standing next to the vehicle lands a couple more blows before finally getting into his vehicle and going on his merry way.

And that is how they do it in Big D.

The video isn't embeddable, so head here to watch it.

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