Ahh, the Holidays - family, fun and the Office Christmas Party!  Over the years, I've gone to every office Christmas party and have seen some wild things.  Cheating husbands called out, inappropriate dancing, drunken rants about employee performance...you name it I've seen it.  Recently I've been to some calm parties where it turns into a waiting game for giveaways throughout the night.  That's what I'm there for...that new 4K TV I've been eyeing for the drawing before everyone leaves.


Anyways, the big question is - If you do act up and your behavior is awful - can you actually get fired at your Christmas Party?!  Although I'd like to compare this to Craig (Ice Cube)  in the movie "Friday" being fired on his day off, it is a little more cut and dry.

The Dallas Employment Lawyer Blog states...

"Texas is an “at-will” state. That means your employer can fire you for no reason or any reason, short of unlawful discrimination or retaliation. In Texas, termination caused by your actions at a work holiday party is no exception to the “at-will” rule.

Following the holiday season, I typically notice an increase in consultations from employees who were terminated based on their behavior at a holiday party or who were either sexually harassed or discriminated against at a holiday party. A typical misconception is that your behavior and your employer’s behavior at a holiday party is not subject to workplace polices or procedures or employment laws. However, you are still subject to workplace policies and your employer is still subject to labor and employment laws, regardless of whether the party is held at work or off-site."

Like I said, pretty cut and dry...behave!  And, don't skip out on the party, even though it is usually optional, your boss/corporation is trying to do something fun for you and it is a good look to be courteous and go.

Happy Holidays!


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