Spooky season is over but it never really ends if you keep that spirit in your dark little heart. The Paranormal Cirque has officially made their way to the Hub City bringing some much needed spooky, and dare I sexiness, to town.

We spoke with Benjamin Holland the general manager, and contortionist, with Paranormal Cirque as to what sets this circus apart from the rest. Holland informed us that this circus take the basic elements like acrobatics and death defying feats but then throws a total curveball with the theme. That theme is spooky and feels almost like stepping into a haunted house but another theme is sexy because they do have a mini burlesque show.

Paranormal Cirque, Etherealized Imagery
Paranormal Cirque, Etherealized Imagery

I was able to attend the Paranormal Cirques debut night and was blown away by how much fun I had. From the handmade decorations to the death defying acts this circus satisfied my spooky little black heart. They had death defying acts, acts to make your body hurt, and even a magic show that still has me confused. It's safe to say that the little cabaret show they also had was scary and sexy but also I want to know if they had any of those outfits in my size because it was just that cool.

Ben Holland was able to tell us that it takes a lot to put this whole show together and since they are incorporating this theme of spooky but the show is always ready to go. Holland says they are excited to have Lubbock come out and see this show and it's a great event for adults that want to go out and have some adult time without any kiddos. There is a lot of haze in this show so I personally advise anyone going to take a face mask, like I did, if you have a hard time with fog/haze machine smoke.

Paranormal Cirque is not for kids as it's rated-R due to a lot of the jokes that are made or some of the material just being aimed at the audience. Anyone 17 and under must be accompanied by an adult to see this show and anyone under 13 will not be allowed to enter the show. There will be heating in the tent and food for sale, they do only accept cash but will have ATM if you forget. I do suggest that you get an 18+ waffle because where else in Lubbock do you have to be 18 to buy a waffle.

Paranormal Cirque is in town for just this weekend (November 30 - December 3) and tickets can be purchased online. You can use the promo code 5OFF to get $5 off your ticket order because this is one circus show you do not want to miss.

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