I'm not what you'd call a "gamer" but I do love playing some games. And every week there are new games that look cool. But this week I think I want to play all of them.

First is the new "Need For Speed: The Run". they actually wrote a whole plot for this installment which makes it a lot more fun. And Michael Bay directed this trailer for it.

Next is "Mario and Sonic at the London 2012 Olympic Games". Always a fan of the Mario franchise this looks like fun for everybody.

There's also "Jurassic Park: The Game" that's based on the original movie, not one of the cheesy sequels.

And finally an XBOX game where you can experience Disneyland from your living room. check out a pic from the website.


So remember Christmas is coming and your friendly neighborhood radio dj loves games as stocking stuffers! Thanks in advance.

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