Sonic is one of the biggest, and tastiest, food chains due to the almost infinite drink combinations you can make, the simple menu, and how you can just drive up to a stall and not leave your car to order. Recently I went to Dallas to help one of my good friends move and we saw a Sonic in a strip mall while in Garland and thought it was just a Sonic corporate office building. We were wrong.

This Sonic had no drive-in stalls to order from or drive thru window so we decided to investigate if it really was a Sonic restaurant and we were very surprised. This was a Sonic Drive-In but without the drive part, you just walk in. This felt very wrong to look at but as soon as that cold air, along with the smell of hamburgers, hit us we instantly relaxed. They had everything a regular Sonic has but we were able to enjoy the seating while watching some classic anime as we waited for our food and drinks.

This Sonic concept was originally being tested in states that are usually colder or have less room for drive-in stalls, such as New York. There are some other Sonic's that have indoor dining, Amarillo, but with stalls and some with public bathrooms, Shallowater. As of now I haven't had much luck finding any other Sonic's with just indoor dining but maybe Lubbock can match Dallas and have this cool restaurant concept in one of the newer neighborhoods or even down in the Depot District.

I give this Sonic 9 out of 10 stars but only because it's about 6 hours away from Lubbock but very unique and the environment was welcoming. Let us know if you would try an indoor only Sonic Drive-In along with your favorite Sonic drink? Leave your responses in the comments.

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