I've had some strange things happen to me over the years, but this one takes the cake.

I was working out Monday night at a local 24-hour gym with a buddy. While he did his last bit of treadmill time, I took a shower.

I put everything in its place: towel, t-shirt, boxers, etc. But when I popped out of the shower, the boxers were gone.

My first thought was: "Who the hell jacks you for your boxers at the gym?"

Of course, I had no good answer for that one.

My second thought was: "I just hope they went to a good home."

I keep hoping some anonymous person will send me pictures of their adventures. (Kinda like the parents who take their kid's teddy bears on business trips.)

But at the end of the day...WHO THE HELL JACKS YOU FOR YOUR BOXERS AT THE GYM?!?!?!


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