If you have an iPhone, you need to know how the SOS Emergency feature works. And if you have kids, they need to know about it, too.

Even if you have an older iPhone like I do (a 6S model), the new iOS download for 11 will install the feature on your device. Then, you can set up emergency contact numbers for your phone to send a message to if you have family you want to have alerted. But you don't have to set any contacts up for this to get you help. All you do is turn it on in your settings.

Then, in an emergency, just quickly click your side on/off button five times. Depending on your phone model, it will either sound an alert and call the closest 911 dispatcher, or ask you to slide a slider, then it will call 911 for you. It also sends your location from your GPS to the police so they know where to find you.

With so many potential emergency situations in modern society, this is a great feature to know about for everybody and their families. Thanks, Apple!

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