Every iPhone user knows the basics, but are you aware of these awesome applications and features? Here is what you may be missing out on.

1) Notes Scanner

There will come a time in everyone's life where they will need to scan a document. iPhone has made this task exceptionally easy.

Users will simply go to the Notes app on their phone, open a new note, select the camera icon, and then choose 'Scan Documents.' Once you have captured the image, you can manually adjust the view, click 'Keep Scan,' and then you can save the image and email it.

2) Guided Access

Kids and Phones
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Parents with small kids are abundantly aware of how helpful their children can be when you hand over your phone. Your intent may be to keep them entertained by playing a children's program, but somehow they end up deleting apps, changing settings and locking you out of your device.

Guided Access is an application that temporarily restricts the user to a single app. You will be prompted to set up a password, Face ID or Touch ID, which will be required to disable this setting. This ensures that your kids stay entertained and your iPhone settings stay intact.

Settings > Accessibility > Guided Access

3) Sound Machine

Yes, your heard that right. Whether you want to drown out background noise while at work or you need to get your baby down for a nap when out of town, there's a setting for that. Choose from the relaxing sounds of the ocean, rain or a stream, as well as three types of white noise.

Settings > Accessibility > Audio/Visual > Background Sounds

4) Measure & Level

New homeowners who seem to be lacking the proper tools they need should just grab their iPhone and choose the Measure App that comes programmed on the device. This simple tool will scan the surface of the object or space that you wish to measure. You will place a beginning and ending mark, and voila! You have the measurements.

Similarly, in the same application, you can choose the Level function to let you know if your intended nail points are level prior to putting holes in the walls.

5) Scam Call Silencer

Scam Calls
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For those unlucky folks who find themselves plagued with non-stop scam calls, there's a way to silence those obnoxious rings.

This option will mute any call that is not saved in your contacts list or is a person who you have previously spoken with over the phone. Instead, these calls will be sent directly to voicemail, but they will still appear on your recent call list in case the unknown number has an important message.

Settings > Phone > Silence Unknown Callers

6) Calculator Backspace Function

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If you're like me, you tend to have a few typos when typing enough numbers into the calculator. Did you know that by swiping left or right over the number, the app will delete the most recently typed digit? Save yourself the grief of having to compute everything all over again with this fantastic trick.

7) Hearing Aid Compatibility

For our hearing impaired family and friends, iPhone has made it possible for them to divert their phone's audio directly to their hearing aid. As long as they have Bluetooth-compatible hearing aids and a compatible iPhone, this feature is simple to use and extremely convenient.

Settings > Accessibility > Hearing Devices > Hearing Aid Compatibility

8) Get Important Emails Sooner

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With all of the email subscriptions we sign up for to get that one-time coupon code, it's easy for important messages to slip through the cracks. That is, unless you make certain that individuals are VIPs.

Go to your email application, select an email from the person who qualifies in your book as 'very important,' click on their name and select "Add to VIP." By doing this, you will be notified every time you receive an email from this individual, making your responses much more timely.

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