With Apple’s release of the iPhone 14 this year, it made its way onto many people’s Christmas lists. I mean, who wouldn’t want the latest and greatest phone to replace their current model?

If you were planning to buy yourself or someone else one of these phones before the end of the year, you might want to reconsider. Due to COVID-19 restrictions in China, the main factory responsible for producing these phones is operating at a much lower capacity than normal. This means less phones are being made, and it is harder to get your hands on one.

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Unfortunately for me, the time came when I needed to upgrade my phone, and the iPhone 14 was what I'm most interested in. I’m the kind of person that runs my phone into the ground before getting a new one, so I was super excited to finally get an upgrade.

I went to Best Buy to look at the different models in person and see which one I wanted to go with. One of the workers there was answering a few of my questions and informed me that I should act fast if I want to get one anytime soon. Apparently, they only had a few iPhone 14 and 14 Plus available, but If I wanted a color they didn’t have in store or wanted the 14 Pro or 14 Pro Max, I would have to order it and wait until mid-January for it to come in, and that it would be around the same timeframe to order from Apple directly.


Knowing they wouldn’t have the phone I wanted in-store, I called my carrier to see what they currently have in stock here in Lubbock. Of course, I was met with the same response that the model I want would have to be ordered, but they wouldn’t receive that order until late January.


Frustrated, and not wanting to wait over a month to get the phone I need, I did some hunting online. Fortunately, I was able to order the model I want through my carrier and it should hopefully be here within a week or so.

So, let this be a warning that if you’ve waited this long to get that new phone as a Christmas gift, it most likely won’t come in on time. But, if you do some hunting and get lucky like me, you might be able to snag one just in time.

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