Uber Eats announced today that their Uber Eats program will now deliver McDonald's right to your door!

It is available at 11 area McDonald's locations right here in Lubbock.

From Uber:

“With UberEATS, you can get the food you want, where you want it, delivered at Uber speed. We're thrilled to partner with McDonald's to give fans in Lubbock easy access to their McDonald’s favorites at the tap of a button," said Phil Santoro, General Manager for UberEATS in Lubbock. “People in Lubbock search for McDonald's in the UberEATS app almost daily, so we're excited to expand our reach and deliver what they've been craving."

But what is really cool is that your first delivery could be free, just use promo code MCDSONEATS1.

Now the real question is, Big Mac or Quarter Pounder with Cheese?

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