Looks like Don Lapre finally found an audience who wouldn’t buy what he was selling.

After the self-proclaimed ‘King of Infomercials’ failed to appear for his Wednesday arraignment on 41 counts (including conspiracy, mail fraud, wire fraud and promotional money laundering), a bench warrant was issued for his arrest. Deputy US Marshals caught up with him the next day in Tempe, AZ.

Lapre’s latest scam used infomercials to lure unsuspecting victims into selling worthless vitamins and resulted in defrauding 220,000 people out of $52 million. Previous swindles included a dating service, 900 numbers and phony promises of help with credit repair. He also has a long history of trouble with the IRS, which issued an almost $1 million lien against him for unpaid back taxes in 1997.

We’re thinking his fellow prisoners will be much less receptive to his charms.

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