Today I was so excited to wear my new pin-up-ish striped romper. I couldn't help but fall in love with the detailing along the bust line as well as the cinched waist (you know I love a cinched waist, as should everyone!). I'm sure you've noticed that I find it perfectly fine to live in the past- with clothing that is! Whether you are actually wearing vintage pieces or emulating them with new ones, you cannot go wrong with vintage. For the best selection of vintage, I cannot stress hitting up your local Salvation Army!  And speaking of vintage, my awesome necklace is from one of the chic-est women I know: my Grandmother.
After getting the OK from my Grandmother, I willingly took some of her old costume jewelry, a fabulous vintage couch and cake stand off her hands (for my new apartment that I will of course showcase in August!) Nothing means more to me than knowing where my vintage pieces came from. I'm proud to keep the over-the-top jewelry tradition in the family, obviously. :)

Have a fashionable day.
xox, Dev

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