Barack Obama must be gunning for the grammar school vote with all the kids he's been charming lately. After calming a crying infant earlier this week, the official White House YouTube channel shows him visiting with lots of other young constituents, teaching us some valuable lessons in how to win over these future voters:



Always let the Mathletes win.



When a group of math students visited the White House, they asked the president a question about the geometry of the Oval Office and a self-deprecating Obama admitted he didn't know the answer. But was he really stumped? Or just playing it safe in case some of these geeks become Zuckerberg-esque billionaires in a decade?



Let them at your gadgets.



Two flaxen-haired children were invited into the president's SUV and immediately went for the First Car Phone. Obama let them make a call to anyone they wanted (the kids picked mom). We hear he's planning to break out his iPad for kids in the swing states.



Never interrupt a nap.



A couple visiting the Oval Office brought their toddler, who had nodded off in his stroller before his face time with the president. Improvising, Obama posed next to the sleeping kid for a photo op because a prez knows that you never (ever!) wake a kid from a sleep that deep. Rumor has it that the Revolutionary War was heightened by too may missed naptimes in the colonies.


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