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Cracker Barrel released a new menu item that's whipping some folks up into an angry foam. Yes, a food item is having some people boycotting and complaining about a restaurant they claim to have loved.

When I saw that Cracker Barrel had upset people with a menu item my brain immediately guessed it was either an offensively named entrée or maybe they were serving something too cute like rabbit or veal. No, it's way way dumber than that.

From Cracker Barrel's Facebook comes this gem of a comment:

You used to serve REAL things:
Real butter
Real meat
Real smiles
Real good food.
Now you want to add in FAKE sausage.
Bye bye old friend. When you get rid of the imitation sausage, I would like to come back. Until then, good bye.

People are upset that Cracker Barrel added a plant based sausage. Operative word: added. Not substituted. No one is making anyone eat a plant based sausage, it's simply an option. An option that makes sense as a lot of folks that go to Cracker Barrel are older and may have restricted diets. I know some of my older relatives aren't supposed to eat fatty processed foods like sausages. Personally, I cannot eat more than a bite of sausage without getting a stomach ache and I'm not even "Cracker Barrel" old.

There's also folks with food allergies, religious reasons for forgoing pork and vegetarians. I think its that last group that these people want to keep out of their restaurant. Because we all know what trouble-makers vegetarians are. Read that last line with sarcasm, of course.

There are plenty of clapback comments as well, this one is my particular favorite:

Looks like you upset all of the people who can't figure out how to leave fewer than three pegs on the triangle game.

I checked online and yes, you can get the controversial sausage from Lubbock's Cracker Barrel. It has $1.69 upcharge though, so you'll pay for your insolence.

Now I'm just waiting to see what happens when the plant sausage haters find out that Cracker Barrel has a really cute line of Halloween stuff.

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