I'm sure that one of the top items thrown away every day is an empty Coca Cola bottle. Well now the Coca Cola company has found a way to reduce the number of bottles filling landfills.

This campaign was started by a company called Ogilvy & Mather China and features 16 new ways to re-use empty Coca Cola bottles. Its a line of 16 bottle caps that can be screwed on to empty bottles to create things like water guns, whistles, paint brushes, bubble makers, pencil sharpeners and more.

I think these ideas are genius! It is starting in Vietnam but I don't think it will take long for the idea to spread across the globe. Especially if we, the consumer, say we want them bad enough.

Hopefully the new caps are being made of recycled plastic too, otherwise it might be a shot in the foot creating more plastic stuff when we're trying to reduce it.

I guess we'll see soon enough.

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