It's Winter time and the temperatures have been extremely cold so what better than a nice warm bowl of something that will heat your insides. Growing up hispanic it's always a big debacle on which of these two foods is better at being a hot comfort food, menudo or pozole?

We decided to ask many of our listeners and readers on social media which of these two foods is the champion in our first Food Battle Royale. First we have to present to you the two contenders.


In this corner we have the very delicious menudo which is made with dried chiles, various spices, hominy, tripe (stomach) and patas (feet). This ingredient list can deter some people but the flavors of menudo just mix so well together. If you are one of those people that can't eat things due to certain textures then avoid the tripe and patas and eat just the hominy and caldo (broth).

Menudo is great but you have to add stuff to it when you have that bowl in front of you. Things like cilantro, onions, jalapeños, oregano, lime juice and avocados can be added into your own bowl to make it even better. You can't forget to have a Coca-Cola, or Jarritos, to go with it and my favorite is a bolillo bread sliced in half with butter on both sides then heated on a comal. What's better than that? Well some people will say pozole.


Next is pozole which comes in many different forms such as red and green, beef or chicken, and even a vegetarian option. Pozole is made with lots of ingredients like dried red chiles or tomatillos, various spices, hominy, and then your choice of protein or lack there of. Pozole is versatile and even though it looks a bit like menudo stands on it's own two feet, if it had feet, and is popular because it has ingredients that a lot of people are more accustomed to.

The toppings for pozole also vary such as cabbage, radishes, jalapeños, cilantro, onions, limes/lemons and even corn. Both dishes go great with tortillas but I feel like pozole goes great with tostadas or any kind of corn chip and any type of soda drink. Like I said before, it's very versatile!


So after some debate in our comments it seems that a clear winner seemed to shine bright with lots of love. Pozole is the clear Texas Food Battle Champion for best winter weather hearty food. I know that comes as a shock to our menudo lovers (I love menudo) and for sure shock to the people that love caldo more but don't worry we will be back with caldo in a category all its own. Who will caldo face off against?

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