No shade meant for the Spring Activity Guide- it has wonderful events like the Garden & Arts Center Butterfly Release and many other great community activities, but the Fall Guide, in my opinion, is the best the City has to offer. Four words prove my point: Pumpkin Trail & Santa Land (the ampersand doesn't count).

Pumpkin Trail is my absolute favorite thing the city does. To me, Halloween is the most wonderful time of the year and I love seeing the whole town come together with their awesome Jack-a-Latern displays. To be fair, I used to work at the Garden & Arts Center and I had the pleasure of carving 20+ pumpkins a year with powertools and woodworking tools. I'm surprised I lived but I had so much fun. I probably still have pumpkin guts in my hair.  Here's my dingo enjoying the trail last year:

Renee, Townsquare Media
Renee, Townsquare Media

Here's the link to the full activity guide (including a library book sale, huzzah!) I can't encourage participation in these events enough. They are almost always free or very cheap and they bring Lubbock together to celebrate the best about all of us. And the more you show up, the more great things they can put together. It's a treasure- enjoy it!


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