A Lubbock waitress is $1000 richer after a particularly generous tip from a couple that was dining at Cast Iron Grill last Friday.

Cast Iron Grill Owner Teresa posted a picture of the receipt on social media:

via Cast Iron Grill
via Cast Iron Grill

Here's the text from Teresa's post, relaying the story of this massive tip:

Good Morning ! Mornings , especially Friday mornings are hectic here at the CIG. The guest start pouring in the moment we unlock the door at 6:00 am. My job at breakfast is expo at the kitchen window , making sure quality food and the right order gets to our guest.Last Friday was no different the grill was full and I was crazy busy with my mind on business and one of the girls brings me this receipt and it stops me right in my tracks .... this young lady has been with me for some months now. The day I interviewed her , she asked if she could pray with me about Shelby's cancer, so right in the middle of our interview we sat , two strangers , holding hands and she prayed for a man she had never met. Over the last months she has shared of her journey , a journey that has brought tears streaming down my face . A precious husband and son that she loves with every fiber in her . A life as a child that had brutal abuse and a family that saved her from that abuse. A husband that is learning how not to be a soldier anymore but to be a husband and father.... she is learning and believing to live her life by faith everyday and this is where this receipt comes in .... happy beautiful Monday y'all.... the CIG girls are great at what they do , great service and interacting with our guest . This young lady , a talker and very animated , was serving a couple that before they ate bowed their heads to pray .... she commented to this couple about how much she appreciated to see that , especially in today's world . She spoke of her faith and shared a little of her journey .... she professed she knows the Lord knows her needs and he will provide.... as I look at the receipt my heart floods with every emotion. I take off my gloves and head to the table, before I spoke one word the gentleman says " we don't want to cause a ruckus.... my wife and I felt the Lord telling us to do it !".... " all I want to say is thank you .... you have no idea "....with tears streaming down my face he tells me he is a pastor and it was all God! I walk away in complete awe over this couple ..... this young lady made a difference in their life as much as this receipt made a difference in her life . I don't watch or read the news, it's so depressing and heartbreaking to see what is going on in our Heavenly Fathers world ..... this world of the CIG has beautiful things going on , God's children making a difference....it's good for the soul to watch our Heavenly Father work through his children . Faith of a mustard seed ..... HE will see us through !

A typical tip for good service is between 20-25 percent. This is about a 5000-percent tip.


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