Want to own a legitimate mansion for way less than usual? This is your chance! The only problem is it might be haunted.

The home, located at 32 Church Street in Camden, New York, was just listed for sale at Realtor.com. Not only is it a registered historic place, but it's also big enough for all your friends and family -- provided you leave some extra room for any existing supernatural guests!

As with many mansions, this home boasts stained glass, hardwood floors, a walk-around front porch and huge attic. It's a three-bedroom (with eight "other rooms"), two-bath masterpiece that include a possible second apartment that could be rented out for extra income.

32 church street camden, new york
Photo: Google Street View

No word on whether or not the apartment comes with other haunts as well.

So, what's the indicator that the place may be haunted? Well, the listing price makes this home a steal at $105,000. Oh, and there's also the fact that if you look at the home on Google Street View (click on the photo to the left), there are hand prints visible on some of the windows. Creepy, right?

The fact that the home is basically pre-set for Halloween is just a bonus.

Check out pictures of the mansion below, and let us know if you'd buy it the comment section.

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