For under $300,000, you can get you a really nice house in Lubbock, complete with hardwood floors, fireplaces and a pool. But what can $2,750,000 get you? This.

Admission: I've got apartment fever. Having moved from a nice five-bedroom home in Nevada to a two-bedroom apartment here in Lubbock just over a year ago, I'm definitely missing the space.

Over the past six months, I've been checking out the local listings for available homes in the market. Having been out west for a while, you can really get a lot of house for the buck here on the South Plains.

What you can see of this massive home through the above photos is impressive.

This home boasts six bedrooms, six full bathrooms, three half-baths for guests, a four-car garage, an outdoor kitchen and gargoyles in the entry fountain. GARGOYLES! I mean, what mansion isn't complete without some gargoyles to guard it, right?

Actually, 'mansion' probably isn't the best word. 'Castle' is more fitting going by the home's front view.

Another must-have for those hot Texas days is a pool. This home has one, however no pictures of the pool were available.

Got a cool $3 million burning a hole in your pocket? Contact Pat Ham to discuss a private showing!

Feel free to drive by the home, located at 2106 Vicksburg Ave., to take a peek at its splendor. Unless they've got a 'no trespassing' sign up. Then just gawk at the photos above.

Editor's Note: this was the most expensive home in Lubbock that we found listed at

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