I had a blast signing autographs and hanging out with the  kiddos at the Boys and Girls Club Thursday. The John Wilson Branch here in Lubbock threw a little carnival Thursday night just to raise awareness and to let the community that "Hey we are here!". I could not believe the number of kiddos that came running out of the building on 59th street. Kids of all ages, race, economical and social status. All playing and having fellowship together. I saw no teasing, fighting or bullying. Just a great group of kids all in it together and all had one common goal, eat as many hot dogs as they could! The John Wilson Brach located at 3221 59th Street here in lubbock could always use you help. Mentors, voulenteers and donations are always welcome at the center, so is someone to shoot some hoops in the gym. Check out their website and get involved. Here is some history on the club for you:

Boys & Girls Clubs represent the fastest growing youth guidance organizations in the nation. Founded in 1860 in New Haven, Connecticut as the Boys Club, it was established as a safe place for young boys whose older brothers and fathers were off to fight the Civil War.

younger boys and girls were used in the factories and many led lives of poverty in our big cities and roamed in gangs for food and money. Over the years, the movement won ever-growing support as a positive and major force for the youth within hundreds of cities and towns.

It eventually evolved into a club where young people (girls were included in the 1950's) found positive influences, developed skills and learned good decision making abilities. In 1956, Boys Clubs Of Americawas granted a U.S. congressional charter, the only youth guidance organizations so recognized in more than 40 years.

Today there are over 4,000 Boys and Girls Clubs with membership of more than 4,000,000 boys and girls.  These clubs have buildings and other assets valued at over 200 million dollars.  Each Boys and Girls Club Corporation is an autonomous organization.  It is managed by a local board of public spirited citizens and is supported by United Way or contributions made directly to the Boys and Girls Club.
Get involved and do what you can.-B




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