Star Comics, now open at their new location 3504 34th Street in Lubbock, is a mecca for collectors of anything comics related -- with a massive amount of single-issue comics, graphic novels, character figures and more.

Renee Raven

Star Comics has been a huge part of Lubbock culture for over 40 years, but is now in a bigger location: the former Hester's books.

Sure, the old location held a tremendous amount of sentimental value. However, this new location has allowed Star Comics to show off more stock, more easily. It's much better for "browsers," too -- folks looking to explore and discover new titles.

And discover, we did. Just look at my ridiculously huge haul. (Comics only; I can't get started on Pop Figures or someone will call "Hoarders"on me.)

Renee Raven

What hasn't changed is Star Comic's knowledgeable staff, who are ready and happy to recommend the perfect title for you or for someone you are buying for.

My dad keeps an active "pull list" of new comics for my daughter based on their recommendations that she really loves. We get new issues of "Squirrel Girl" and "Lumber Janes," among others.

Renee Raven

If you want the universe to decide your next obsession, you go always go for a comics grab bag for only $1.

Renee Raven

There's also a very convenient selection of collected series, so if you want an entire story line in single issues, you don't have to dig for them all. And Star Comics has many graphic novels and omnibuses for your binge reading pleasure. There's also a used book section full of sci-fi, mysteries and more.

But it's not all reading material. Star Comics also carries statues, figurines, plushies and even neon signs of your favorite characters and comic franchises.

There's also plenty of great and clearly marked choices for the kids, too. Getting kids into comics improves their overall literacy and reading comprehension, according to the authority on kids and reading, Scholastic. I've also lived that truth. My daughter read well before kindergarten largely thanks to a huge pile of "Simpsons" graphic novels my dad had given me, in addition to me regularly reading to her since she was born.

To find or feed your comics passion, head over to Star Comics, open seven days a week. And be sure to give them a follow on their Facebook Page.


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