I've seen beautiful, on-trend claws -- and then there are Tony Ly's designs.

Seemingly from the future on another planet, Tony Ly's designs are so innovative and bleeding-edge that Tony stays in demand with workshops for other nail artists around the world.

And Tony's Nails is in Northern Texas (Wichita Falls), which means you can get there in three hours, so hop in the car. Actually, I highly recommend making an appointment, then hopping into the car.

Of course, a moving, articulated nail isn't exactly practical or for everyone; those are editorial looks (or perhaps the better term is "lewks"). Tony's designs that are actually livable are so stunning, flawless and on-trend that the road trip seems very worth it.

Here's a few of my favorites from his Instagram page:

It's so difficult to pick a favorite, they all speak to my soul. For more information on Tony's Nails, be sure to check out his Instagram or his Facebook Page.


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