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This February, Alamo Drafthouse is hosting a series of films that bring romance to the big screen in wildly dysfunctional ways: "For our Bad Romance series, we’re exploring some of our favorite twisted love stories."

These also happen to be some of the best films ever made. Is there a correlation? Would someone with a film studies degree care to explain?

Here's the lineup for the Bad Romance event:

February 4th: Get Out. Jordan Peele's horror masterpiece.

February 7th: Bram Stoker's Dracula. This might possibly be my favorite film of all time. Gary Oldman is exquisite.

February 8th: Phantom of the Opera (2004). "Sing, my angel of music!"

February 9th: Phantom Thread. Three words: Daniel Day-Lewis. This is an afternoon tea, so tickets are $25, but come with three premium teas and tea treats. Also, it's hosted by your friend, yours truly, Renee Raven.

February 11th: Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind. Tissues for weeping not included.

February 15th: Little Shop of Horrors. Steve Martin!

February 21st: Wild at Heart. This is hands down the best Nicholas Cage movie and it's directed by David Lynch. Wear the jacket that's a symbol of your individuality and your belief in personal freedom.

February 23rd: The Awful Truth. A Cary Grant black & white classic.

Tickets to all Bad Romance events are available for purchase on the Alamo Drafthouse website, or you can always stop by the box office (120 W Loop 289).

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