The remains of a World War II Veteran will finally be laid to rest in Lubbock near his family. The remains of Petty Officer 1st class Harvey Herber were successfully transported and flown into Lubbock International Airport March 22.

KAMC news reports that Harvey Herber was serving aboard the USS Oklahoma after the Japanese Imperial Navy bombed Pearl Harbor. The USS Oklahoma was hit by torpedoes causing the entire BB-37 to flip upside down, Herber along with the other 429 men would not survive the attack.

In 1949 Herbers remains went on to be buried at the National Memorial Cemetery of the Pacific but were labelled as unknown, along with 394 service members. Following Herbers death his family moved to Texas where his nephew, Jerry Johnson, made the promise to his grandfather, Herbers brother, that he would ensure that his uncle would be laid to rest at home.

Fast forward to 2015 and advances in science Herbers nephew was able to submit his DNA was able to help in identifying Herber. The same method to identify Herbers remains has been used to identify the entire crew of the USS Oklahoma. Herbers remains have been housed at Lakeridge Funeral Home as he awaits burial at Peaceful Gardens Memorial Park on March 24. According to KAMC news, during the ceremony a dove is planned on being released during the burial ceremony as a message to William Herber, Harvey's brother, that he has finally been laid to rest. 

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