Just weeks after YouTube announced it would suspend ads on Logan Paul's channel, the streaming mogul has restored them after the YouTuber's team acknowledged reading the community and advertising guidelines. Despite granting back his ads, Paul remains on a 90-day probation that excludes his content from the "trending" tab and in updates to anyone who isn't subscribed to his channel. His account will remain ineligible for Google Preferred ads, according to a YouTube spokeswoman.

The video star, whose channel boasts 16.6 million subscribers, most recently fell under scrutiny after uploading a video on February 5 that showed him tasering dead rats and removing a sick koi fish from its pond to perform CPR on it. The clip upset a lot of people, including PETA, which called for YouTube to remove the video. YouTube's response was the temporary ad suspension.

Between this and the controversial video Paul uploaded in December that showed an apparent dead body in a Japanese forest, many are questioning why YouTube hasn't downright banned the content creator. In mid-February, CEO Susan Wojcicki explained their reasoning.

"We want to be consistent. When someone violates our policies three times, we terminate. We terminate accounts all the time," she told attendees at the CodeMedia conference in Huntington Beach, California.

"We can’t just be pulling people off of our platform," she added. "They need to violate [three times]."

Logan's only got one more strike left.


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