Are you a shopper who loves Harbor Freight? Well, if you do, you might have some money coming back to you.

According to our wonderful friends at The Consumerist, you could have some money or a gift card coming to you thanks to a recent class action lawsuit.

It's alleged that Harbor Freight put coupons and sale signs out that were not in compliance with the law. And the law is very specific in this case.

"For an item to be considered on sale, the item must have had that original price for at least 28 of the preceding 90 days."

And because of that little oversight, anyone who shopped at Harbor Freight, including the Lubbock store, could be entitled to a partial refund or gift card.

There are three groups in this suit, depending on what type of documentation you have.

Customers who save their receipts: Customers with itemized receipts that have a “You Saved…” amount printed on them from the covered period will receive 20% of the amount they spent in cash or 30% as a Harbor Freight gift card.

Customers who have credit or debit card statements: If you can at least prove that you shopped at Harbor Freight during the covered period because the store appears on your payment card statement, you can receive 10% in cash or 12% as a gift card.

Customers who can’t prove anything: If you declare on penalty of perjury that you bought an item during the covered period with a fake sale price on it, you can receive a $10 Harbor Freight gift card.


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