Coming to a Target near you- a major redesign that involves literally splitting the store into two shopping experiences, with two different entrances based on the shopper's needs or preferences.

According to,  the redesign is intended to compete with both Amazon pick up sites and stores like Nordstrom's that are designed as a walk-through "journey" of sorts.

The very first of these remodeled Target stores with be in a Houston suburb (Texas is leading the way y'all). But will it come to Lubbock and is Lubbock a good market for this hybrid?

The new, larger Target has groceries and is in a heavily attended shopping center- I'm not sure it would make sense to add an Amazon pick-up style entrance there since that area is a destination for shopping- not really a convenient place to just quickly pick something up. However, I think shoppers would enjoy a conversion from the traditional squared-off aisles into a more pleasant, flowing shopping experience in the clothing and housewares departments. That would be maddening for groceries- in my opinion.

Now, I wish the older, smaller Target would get the remodel. It's very close to me and honestly just a straight shot from Texas Tech if you have a vehicle (I have found Tech students generally won't go further than a mile off campus without a car). My family would use the pick-up feature constantly and I think we'd enjoy milling around the store casually when we have time. The old Target is overdue for improvements anyway as far as I'm concerned. Mostly I just want it to survive the massive amounts of store closings that have been happening in the Lubbock area.

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