It's pretty cool when you get to meet a celebrity you love, and even cooler when they are gracious and let you get a photograph with them - but always ask first! I've been lucky and gotten to get my picture with some of my heroes, but this is far and away my favorite: my dad, me and comedy legend Doug Stanhope:

via Renee Raven

(Sorry, but any excuse to show that off is a good excuse.)

Local photographer Mark Plumeri also lucked out and got pictures with two WWE stars when they stopped into Pei Wei.

According to Plumeri, they each ate 15 ounces of chicken and shrimp (never underestimate the power of lean protein!) and said that Lubbock was the loudest crowd of any of their Texas shows. Awesome!

Here's Mark with five-time Intercontinental Champion Dolph Ziggler

Courtesy: Mark Plumeri

And International, United States and Tag Team Champion Zack Ryder:

Mark Plumeri

Thank you for sharing these awesome pics, Mark! Now I'm hungry for Pei Wei.


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